Melody Rounds Program

Note: Many of the Cue Sheets for these dances can be found at these sites:
Mark Brautigam Martin Prufer Roger Ward

Friday September 22, 2017.

*I See the Light (Teach)

*Me and My Sister (W)
*And I Love You So (R)
I'm Alive (C)
*Warm and Willing (F)
*How Lucky Can One Guy Be (J)

*Just a Fool (Review Part C)
*Me Vida Sin Tu Amor (B)
*Beat of your Heart (STS)
*Moon River (W)

*Wedding Planner (T)
Almost Like Being in Love (Q)
Snap Your Fingers (WCS)
*Sam's New Pants (F)
*Haunted Guitar (W)

*The Water is Wide (STS)
*The Last Blues Song (F)
*Theme from Inuyasha (W)
*Solitude City (F)
*The Sun, Sea and Sky (W)

*These dances were all played at Round a Rama